The Sun Tavern sources all of its keg and bottled fine ales from nearby breweries, dubbing these choice beverages as our ‘local heroes’.

Supporting the London brewing community helps us not only source our favourite ales but also work with people passionate about ale.

Our taps get switched up as often as daily to offer you what we feel are the best seasonal and interesting products in the city. However if you particularly liked a certain tipple or brewery, simply let the lads at the bar know.

Beer Taps - Draft Fine Ales - Bar in Bethnal Green

Our relationship with London breweries has led to a number of successful collaborations, with more, exciting, projects planned for the future. It’s because of our love for brewed beverages that we recently started ‘Umbrella Brewing’ a new project with products available to purchase soon.

We want to keep all of our drinks as accessible as we can, which is why we offer to bottle any draught ale for you to take away; with our ‘single serve drinks’ to take away option. Many of these limited choice brews won’t ever be found in bottle form let alone at the price we sell them at.

To keep up to date with new releases and what we’ve got going on; sign up to our mailing list here.

Draft Beer – Sun Tavern Pub Bethnal Green - London


Current Menu

    • Draught


      Please check our list of fine ales at the bar for our daily changing selection of “local heroes”.
      All ales are sourced from a 5 mile radius of the of the sun tavern.

    • Beers from the fridge



      ABV: 5.0%
      A clean, simple malt bill is supported by big whirlpool and dry hop additions of Cascade, Columbus, and Citra, giving the beer bright, citrusy and tropical aromas.



      ABV: 4.2%
      This beer has the characteristics of big, bold hops in an easy drinking, sessionable package. Using Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, Ahtanum, and Crystal hops to deliver a powerful hit of exciting hop character.



      ABV: 5.1%
      This stout is full-bodied and creamy with a rich dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavour.



      ABV: 4.7%
      Re-imagining of a classic German Pilsner. Generous hopping with Mittelfruh and Saaz gives this beer a delightful floral and spicy aroma. The finish is dry, crisp, and refreshing.

    • Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer


      ABV: 5%
      A fiery ginger beer with flavours of rich molasses supported by the perfect balance of sharp citrus and a subtle hint of malt.