Ballantine’s – Whiskey Wednesday – December

Ballantine's - Whiskey Wednesday - December

Scotch Whisky always seems more fitting in December, see how the Scots brave the bitter winds and icy evenings.

In Bethnal Green we do it slightly differently in the shape of Scotch cocktails. For December’s Whiskey Wednesday bespoke cocktail menu we teamed up with Ballantine’s Blended Scotch Whisky to bring you these Scotch serves.

Christmas Mac

Ballantine’s Hard Fired Whisky, Ginger Wine, Dark Chocolate Liqueur & Amontillado Sherry.


Ballantine’s Hard Fired Whisky, Buttered Rum, Pedro Ximenez Sherry & Five Spice Syrup (Served Hot).


Ballantine’s Hard Fired Whisky, Spiced Vermouth, Raspberry Cordial, Lime, Peychaud’s Bitters. Topped with Club Soda.