Venerable old bourbon distillers, Jack Daniel’s, are next to be featured in our Whiskey-based serves as we arrive in the warmer climes of May.

Their Tennessee Rye is the first bottle they have dropped since the dark days of Prohibition and – in our humble opinion – it was well worth the wait.

It’s made up from 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted barley, and is put through the same charcoal filtration process as Jack Daniel’s iconic, instantly-recognisable bourbons.

The result is a mellow and sweet whiskey that’s enlivened with distinctive rye spice. With all that in mind, we’ve placed a hearty measure of it at the base of each of our two whiskey serves this month. It also forms the kick in our trademark ‘beer ‘n’ a bump’, available at £6.

Our daring duo are available all month long, 7 days a week, at £7.50 a pop. Come by any day you fancy and see what all the fuss is about.

Take a peek at what you can expect from us over the next 30 days:


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Kansas City – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye | Pomegranate Sherbet | Umbrella Brewing Cider | Citrus | Club Soda.