Cocktails - The Sun Tavern Cocktail Bar Bethnal Green London

Mixed Drinks

Here at The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green, our drinks menu is heavily inspired by our love of classic cocktail recipes.

From this initial interest we decided to create a style of drinks menu focusing on mixed drinks, the original word for cocktail, and punch drinks through traditional recipes.

Punch style drinks are usually served in large quantities, however we wanted to make these timeless drinks more accessible. We host punch bowls for sharing but have also developed our ‘single serve drinks’ option to allow you to have any punch drink as a single portion to take away.

Although our handpicked menu of punch and cocktail beverages takes a lot of influence from 19th & early 20th century mixed drinks, this doesn’t mean that we’re in anyway restricted to just serving what’s displayed. We have a range of interesting and rare spirits, liquors and bitters, allowing us to create whatever mixed drink you desire, on the menu or otherwise. It’s what we’re passionate about and enjoy creating so please ask for what you like.

We have plenty of ideas about expanding our mixed drinks services as well as furthering our menu in the near future. To keep up to date with new releases and what we have going on at The Sun Tavern cocktail bar; sign up to our mailing list here.