Shortlist Magazine | Poitín in London


Our General Manager, Ciaran, is an absolute Poitín and potato distilled spirit nerd. As a result, he was asked his opinion on new potato spirits in an issue of Shortlist magazine in winter 2014.


Ciaran Duffy, of The Sun Tavern on new potato spirit

  1. Bán, £35;

“Made from grain and sugar beets, it’s reminiscent of a fancy grappa but packs more punch. A great cocktail mixer”

  1. 1512 Spirits Signature, £30;

“There’s a great story behind this involving barbershops and Italians. Lovely creaminess from the potato distil that can be enjoyed straight up.”

  1. Teeling, £28;

“This one has the sweet buttery-ness of corn”

  1. Knockeen Hills, £50;

“As Butler’s Irish Book says, ‘It enlighteneth ye heart, casts off melancholy, keeps back old age and breaketh ye wind.”

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Stop by The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green – one of the best places to enjoy poitín in London.