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Irish Whiskey & Coffee

We are big into our Irish Whiskey over here at The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green.

We have one of the widest selections in London, and have been working with Irish Whiskey distilleries a like to bring you great whiskey cocktails on our house cocktail menu, and on Wednesdays for our Whiskey Wednesday £5 cocktail menu.



We also enjoy really good fair trade, specialty, coffee and espresso provided by the guys over at Black Sheep. We believe that it is the perfect kind of Espresso for all the coffees that we make, mixing with booze and cocktails too.

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As quite a few of the bar tenders here at The Sun Tavern are Irish, they’re quite partial to a good Irish Whiskey and aren’t strangers to dropping a bit in their coffee! They’ve come up with The Sun Tavern Irish Coffee that tastes grand…

The Sun Tavern Irish Coffee


Powers’ Gold Label Whiskey, Espresso Shot, Demerara Sugar, Stout Cream & Nutmeg

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The Nutmeg gives it a really nice aroma, Powers’ Gold Label Whiskey and the Espresso compliment one another effortlessly. The Demerara Sugar and Stout Cream blend to give a hint of creamy sweetness, but never too intense. It makes a good after lunch drink to get the day going or a mellow night cap, either way tastes great, and you should get down and try one!

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*For more info, ask at the bar at The Sun Tavern, Cocktail and Whiskey bar London*