Local Hero: Theresa - G. Kelly Pie & Mash

Local Hero: Theresa - G. Kelly Pie & Mash - Bethnal Green

Local Hero – Theresa of G. Kelly’s Pie & Mash in Bethnal Green

Theresa has lived and worked in G. Kelly’s Pie & Mash shop on Bethnal Green road, just over the road and down a bit for us here at The Sun Tavern. She tells us about some of the history of Bethnal Green, how it has changed over the years and her involvement with the Pie & Mash Shop and our 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Party.

People come in and they go ‘What pies do you do’ and I say ‘Mince beef’ …’yea, but what else’. ‘no, minced beef’.

Should be good #craic on the 17th!! #StPatricksDay



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