The finale to 2018’s succession of Whiskey Wednesdays looks like a cracker, as we welcome Thurso’s Wolfburn to Bethnal Green.

The Scotch distillers hold the mantle as being the northernmost in the UK, situated as they are in rugged Thurso – which has records dating back to the Viking times, and was often seen as the gateway to Scandinavia and the Northern Isles.

In 2011, after 150 years lying in rubble, the guys from Wolfburn rebuilt their old distillery at the site and haven’t looked back since, producing some of the smoothest Scotch whisky around.

Their whisky’s characteristic smoothness and warming flavour stems from the unhurried way in which the spirit is made. Long fermentation is followed by gentle distillation, before the spirit is laid down in the best quality oak casks.

This month we’re featuring their flagship liquid, Northland, in all of our £6 whisky serves. Take a peek:


Northland Fizz – Wolfburn Northland | Spiced Clementine | Lemon | Absinthe | Egg White | Soda.


Thurso Julep – Wolfburn Northland | Honey & Dried Fruit Blend | Lime Juice | Mint Leaves.


Wolfburn – Wolfburn Northland | Cocchi Torino | Ruby Port | Angostura Bitters.