Poitín fuelled piss up

We might be a long way from the land of the four-leaf clover here in Bethnal Green, but we’ve still got plenty of Poitín, Irish Whiskey and Irish bartenders

thesuntavern-St Patricks Day-2016-poitin-and-whiskey-bar-london-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-small-37

We had a craic’ing night here in The Sun Tavern, bit of an alternative one as there were no Guinness hats only Teeling Caps!

thesuntavern-poitin-and-whiskey-bar-london-St Patricks Day 2016-Pentax-K1000-edit-crop-small-08 thesuntavern-poitin-and-whiskey-bar-london-St Patricks Day 2016-Pentax-K1000-small-19

We teamed up with Bán Poitín to come up with an ace bespoke cocktail menu, like the Galway Bay, Power to you Elbow, Mountain Dew and the Bán & Black, split over tankard and short style cocktails with Dave Mulligan behind the bar most of the night!

thesuntavern-poitin-and-whiskey-bar-london-St Patricks Day-2016-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-small-32

thesuntavern-poitin-and-whiskey-bar-london-St Patricks Day-2016-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-small-07

Fourpure Brewing Co. provided us with their sweet and refreshing Oatmeal stout so no one was left out.

We thought since we’re in the East End, we’d bring a bit of fusion for the food front and do traditional Bethnal Green style Pie & Mash from G. Kelly’s Pie & Mash shop across the road and it went down a treat (seeing as the Irish still love potatoes haha!).

thesuntavern-poitin-and-whiskey-bar-london-G. Kelly's-paddys day-crop-48

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We also had a live Folk band to kick it off and DJ’s to carry on through the night. All in all it was a great one, by far the most packed we’ve ever been, and definitely topped last year, which we thought might not be possible given how good that was!

Here are some of the Bán Poitín cocktails that were being served on the night…

Galway Bay

Bán Poitín, Homemade Lime Cordial, Citric Acid & a Bay Leaf

thesuntavern-St Patrick's Day-2016-poitin-and-whiskey-bar-london-Galway Bay-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-edit-crop-03

Power to your Elbow

Bán Poitín, Amaro Montenegro, Black Sheep Espresso & Fourpure Oatmeal Stout

thesuntavern-poitin-and-whiskey-bar-london-St Patrick's Day-2016-Power to your Elbow-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-edit-crop-08

Mountain Dew

Bán Poitín, Lillet Blanc, Tripple Sec, Violette & Lemon Juice

thesuntavern-poitin-and-whiskey-bar-london-St Patrick's Day-2016-Mountain Dew-cocktail-bar-bethnalgreen-edit-crop-07

Don’t miss next year’s St. Patrick’s Day at The Sun Tavern, Poitin and Whiskey bar London!