Poitín & Coffee | Poitín bar in London

Poitín & Coffee

You like Coffee right…? Ever tried Poitín…?

“Let us tell you they go great together.”

You might already know, we love Poitín here at The Sun Tavern and we also love coffee. Then a bartender had a brain wave one day and thought…

“We sell great Coffee, we specialise in Poitín…”

and the light bulb above his head turned on. Obviously everyone including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell (who ever said it… haha) loves Espresso Martini’s. They’re often requested at the bar so why not make our own The Sun Tavern Espresso Martini using Bán Poitín…?


The Sun Tavern Espresso Martini

Bán Poitin, Amaro Montenegro, Averna, Espresso Shot, Stout & Condensed Milk

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As Poitín is becoming more and more established in it’s own out right booze genre, we want to be at the forefront of innovating the use of Poitín in cocktails and we think Poitín and Espresso together will bring it to the masses and maybe choose Poitín over other clear spirits one day.

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*For more info, ask at the bar at The Sun Tavern, Whiskey and Poitín bar in London*