Irish Whiskey

We offer an excellent selection of hand-picked Irish whiskeys at The Sun Tavern, complimenting our poitín collection.


Like poitín, Irish whiskey had its fair share of troubles, competing with Scottish whisky, as well as having the majority of Ireland taking the pledge against what was deemed ‘the demon’s drink’ in 1881.

The word ‘whiskey’ was derived from the gaelic ‘uisge beatha’ meaning water of life, and apparently evolved into the term ‘whisky’ due to mispronunciation in King Henry II’s army in the 12th century – but this could’ve just been from them slurring their words after a sample.

The ‘e’ was added to ‘whisky’ to differentiate it from the blending of the spirit, which was becoming more popular in Scottish production. Irish distillers were so against the blending of whisky that they produced a book ‘Truths about Whisky’ which called for the banning of blended whisky. This provoked the spelling change to whiskey to identify a non-blended beverage.

Thankfully Irish whiskey is out of the dark times and part of a much welcome renaissance! Production has begun outside of the big three distilleries; Midleton, Cooley and Bushmills and certainly gaining momentum. With this boom, we are witnessing a lot of resurrected brands as well as new names popping up.

At The Sun Tavern we aim to stock the very best of such an eclectic category; we host the finest grain, malt and peated whiskeys along with the unique single pot still style on our shelves.

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    • Tullamore Distillery

    • Tullamore DEW


      A popular Irish blend. Plenty of spicy sweetness.

    • Tullamore DEW 12 YR


      A 12 YR blend of bourbon & sherry finishes.

    • Tullamore DEW Phoenix


      Partly finished in Oloroso casks with a higher ABV.

    • Tullamore DEW Cider Cask


      Finished in cider casks from Bulmers Clonmel.

    • Tullamore DEW 14 YR


      A triple distilled single malt finished in some bourbon, sherry, port & madeira casks.

    • Tullamore DEW 14 YR Duty Free Release


      Travel retail sherry cask exclusive.

    • Tullamore DEW 18 YR


      A limited edition 18 year single malt finished in 4 different casks. This is essentially the 14 year but older!

    • Walsh Whiskey Distillery Co

    • The Irishman Founders


      The first release from Walsh, a combination of 70% single malt and 30% single pot still whiskeys.

    • The Irishman Single Malt


      Triple distilled and aged in a combination of bourbon and oloroso sherry casks.

    • The Irishman Cask Strength


      Limited to 2,000 bottles each year.

    • Writer’s Tears


      A combination of pot still & single malt whiskies.

    • Writer’s Tears Cask Strength


      Writer’s Tears blend with some added ‘oomph’.

    • Writer’s Tears Red Head


      The Oloroso sherry casks give this one its red headed appearance. Plenty of richness & at 46%.

    • The Irishman 12 YR


      Aged in first fill bourbon casks.

    • Midleton Distillery

    • Power’s Three Swallows


      A great introductory pot still expression.

    • Jameson Crested Ten


      Higher pot still to grain ratio.

    • Green Spot Single Pot Still


      Historic single pot still Irish whiskey – creamy & spicy.

    • Jameson Select Reserve


      Jameson aged in double charred first-fill bourbon casks.

    • Paddy Centurion


      A single pot still limited-edition version of the famous Paddy Irish Whiskey released to celebrate the 2013 centenary of the brand.

    • Paddy Irish Honey


      Paddy’s triple-distilled and triple-blended Irish Whiskey with honey flavourings.

    • Paddy Spiced Apple


      Paddy’s triple-distilled and triple-blended Irish Whiskey with spiced apple flavourings.

    • Power’s Gold Label


      Spicy pot still character and is aged between 5 and 6 years in Bourbon casks.

    • Power’s John Lane


      A combination of bourbon and oloroso-sherry-cask-matured spirit – non-chill filtered.

    • Red Breast 12 YR


      Single pot still Irish whiskey, with a warm, generous texture, rich, sweet flavours and a spicy kick.

    • Red Breast 12 YR Cask Strength


      A stronger, richer incarnation of Red Breast 12 YR.

    • Red Breast 15 YR


      Richer, earthier and stronger than its 12-year-old sibling.

    • Red Breast 21 YR


      Bourbon and first-fill Oloroso casks. The oldest of the Red Breast range.

    • Yellow Spot 12 YR


      12 years old and matured in Malaga casks on top of the Bourbon & Sherry.

    • Green Spot Chateau Leoville Barton


      Green spot finished in Bordeaux cask.

    • Jameson Caskmates Franciscan Well Brewery


      Jameson finished in casks that once contained stout.

    • Midleton Reserve Pot Still


      Combines bourbon cask matured whiskey with some from a new American oak barrel.

    • Midleton Very Rare


      Second release from Master Distiller Brian Nation.

    • Power’s Signature


      Predominately matured in ex-bourbon with a small proportion of 1st fill bourbon & sherry casks.

    • Jameson Caskmates Beavertown


      Special release - Jameson finished in casks that held some Beavertown beer!

    • Jameson 18 YR


      A blend of two pot still and one grain. Matured in sherry then finished in bourbon.

    • Jameson Bold


      Part of Jameson’s Deconstructed Series. This focuses on the bold characteristic of Jameson.

    • Jameson Gold Reserve


      A special pot still whiskey-heavy version of Jameson.

    • Midleton Dair Ghaelach


      A single pot still whiskey that was aged initially in refill American oak for between 15 and 22 years and then finished for a year in virgin Irish oak. This is something else!

    • Paddy Irish Whiskey


      Named after generous whiskey salesman Paddy Flaherty, this is a triple distilled, triple blend of grain, malt & pot still.

    • Powers Gold Label


      A sure sight in any pub in Ireland. Spicy pot still character and aged between 5 & 6 years in Bourbon casks.

    • Powers Three Swallows


      A great introductory pot still. Named three swallows after how you should drink a measure.

    • Powers Signature Release


      A heavy pot still spirit aged between 7-9 years old.

    • Powers John Lane 12 YR


      A combination of bourbon and oloroso-sherry-cask-matured spirit reminiscent to the style that was once made in Dublin.

    • Redbreast Lustau Edition


      Limited! Finished for one extra year in first-fill sherry butts which have been seasoned with oloroso sherry from the prestigious Bodegas Lustau in Jerez, Spain.

    • Kilbeggan Distillery

    • Kilbeggan 18 YR


      Small batch release of only 4,000 bottles.

    • Locke’s 8 YR


      A ceramic crock containing tasty 8 year old Irish Single Malt whisky.

    • Kilbeggan Blended


      An easygoing blend of grain & malt from Ireland’s oldest distillery.

    • Kilbeggan 8 YR Single Grain


      This grain whiskey loads plenty of flavour. A great one for introducing someone to whiskey!

    • Castle Brands Inc.

    • Clontarf


      A blend of malt whiskey from Co. Antrim and grain whiskey from Co. Cork.

    • Knappogue Castle


      A crisp, clean vintage distilled in 1995 and bottled in 2008.

    • Knappogue Castle 16 YR


      A twin wood 16 YR single malt.

    • Irish Fiddler Whisky Co Ltd

    • Innismore


      A small scale Irish blend from a bottling company in the west.

    • Irish Fiddler


      Soft and gentle Irish whiskey with hints of honey, vanilla and citrus.

    • Additional Bottles

    • Jack Ryan Beggars Bush


      A 12 YR old single malt by a family with rich history in Irish whiskey.

    • The Dublin Liberties


      A whiskey aged in bourbon casks, inspired by the eponymous area of Dublin.

    • The Dubliner


      Irish whiskey blended with honeycomb.

    • Flaming Pig


      Whiskey Liqueur with notes of cloves, pepper & cinnamon.

    • Irish Mist


      A well known whiskey liqueur with honey & spices.

    • Egan’s 10 YR Single Malt


      Non-chill filtered single malt from Tullamore.

    • The Quiet Man 8 YR Single Malt


      Ex-bourbon and fresh bourbon casks.

    • First Spirit Ireland

    • The Dubliner Whiskey


      A blend aged in bourbon casks.

    • The Dubliner Liqueur


      Irish Whiskey blended with honeycomb.

    • The Dublin Liberties


      A whiskey inspired by the eponymous area if Dublin.

    • West Cork 10 YR


      Aged single malt from West Cork.

    • West Cork Distillery

    • West Cork Blend


      A blend of grain and malt aged in bourbon casks.

    • West Cork 10 YR


      A single malt with plenty of character.

    • West Cork 12 YR Cask Strength


      A blend of grain & malt but this time – at cask strength.

    • Teelings Whiskey Company

    • Teeling Small Batch


      Finished in rum casks and bottled at 46% without chill-filtration.

    • Teeling Single Grain


      Matured full term in Californian Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels.

    • Teeling Single Malt


      A blend of whiskies as old as 23 YR matured in an array of wine casks.

    • Teeling 21 YR


      A lightly peated 21 YR, matured in ex-bourbon casks and then married in Sauternes casks to finish.

    • Teeling 15 YR Revival


      Released to mark the opening of the Teeling Distillery in Dublin.

    • Teeling Single Cask Madeira Finish


      Packs a punch at 55.5% with a sweet finish.

    • Teeling Single Cask White Burgundy Finish


      Exclusive bottling for the Celtic Whiskey Shop in Dublin.

    • Teeling 13 YR Revival


      Aged for 12 years in bourbon then 1 more year in Calvados! Think apple pie.

    • Teeling Single Cask Port Finish


      This travel retail release sees the whiskey finished off with a lovely port richness.

    • Bushmills Distillery

    • Bushmills 10 YR


      10 YR single malt from Co. Antrim – apples & spice.

    • Bushmills Black Bush


      A rich blend of single malt aged in Oloroso casks and grain.

    • Bushmills Irish Honey


      A blend of Bushmills and irish honey.

    • Bushmills 16 YR Three Wood


      Aged in Oloroso sherry & bourbon then finished in port casks.

    • Bushmills 21 YR Three Wood


      Madeira finish 21 YR single malt.

    • Bushmills Original


      Grain and malt slowly matured in American oak for a minimum 5 years.

    • Bushmills 12 YR Distillery Reserve


      Matured mainly in ex-Oloroso casks – can only be bought at the distillery! (and here).

    • Bushmills Red Bush


      Nothing to do with the tea. This stuff is matured in first fill bourbon barrels to appeal to the American whiskey fans.

    • Bushmills Steamship


      A travel retail exclusive sherry cask. We love a session in a duty free.

    • Bushmills Steamship Port


      This limited edition has been finished in port barrels which have given the whiskey some lovely red berry and chocolate flavours. 

    • The Echlinvile Distillery

    • Dunvilles


      A lovely blend from the first distillery in Northern Ireland in over 130 years.

    • Dunvilles PX


      10YR blend finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

    • Dunville’s Three Crowns


      A name revived, this whiskey contains three whiskeys that have been aged in different casks. Nice & layered.

    • The Cooley Distillery

    • Connemara Single Malt


      One of the few Irish whiskies containing peat. A good one to convert the Islay drinkers.

    • Connemara 12 YR


      12 YR old peated, single malt Irish whiskey.

    • Connemara Turf Mor


      Limited edition young & very peaty Irish whiskey.

    • Feckin Irish


      A smooth & sensual easygoing drop.

    • Greenore


      Light & delicate grain based whiskey.

    • Greenore 18 YR


      World Whiskies Awards 2012 - Best Grain Whiskey.

    • Inishowen


      A peaty blended Irish whiskey. Rich & zesty.

    • Connemara 22 YR


      One of the oldest age statement Irish whiskies currently available.

    • Titanic


      A 5-year old blend from Belfast Distillery Company.

    • Tyrconnel


      Smooth Irish single malt whiskey.

    • Tyrconnel Port Finish


      10 year old Tyrconnel finished in port casks.

    • Tyrconnel Sherry Finish


      10 year old Tyrconnel finished in sherry casks.

    • The Wild Geese Single Malt


      Best Non-Age Irish Malt in the World Whisky Awards 2011.

    • Uisce Beatha


      Blend of single malt and grain.

    • Connemara Distillers Reserve


      Distiller’s edition with a slightly higher ABV punch.

    • Michael Collins


      A blend of both peated & unpeated single malt whiskey.

    • Tyrconnel Madeira Finish


      10 year old Tyrconnel in madeira casks.

    • Glendalough Distillery

    • Glendalough Double Barrel


      Single grain whiskey, aged in Bourbon barrels & finished in Oloroso sherry casks.

    • Glendalough 7 YR


      A non-chill filtered single malt.

    • Glendalough 13 YR


      The style of whiskey your great granddad drank.

    • Glendalough Triple Barrel


      A fairly exclusive bottle, which sees the Double Barrel finished off in some Madeira casks for extra dimension.


    • Hyde 10 YR Sherry


      Limited Edition Single Malt finished in sherry casks.

    • Hyde 10 YR Rum


      Limited Edition Single Malt finished in rum casks.

    • Hyde Single Grain 1916


      A 6-year-old grain whiskey matured in bourbon casks. This was released to celebrate 100 years since the 1916 rising.

    • Hyde Single Grain Burgundy


      A single grain finished off in some amazing Burgundy wine casks.