Private Area Bookings


The Sun Tavern hosts private bookings for small groups as well as private area hire for larger groups throughout the seasonal period.

So if you want an escape from the continuous Christmas songs and flashing reindeers we’ve got you covered.

That isn’t to say we don’t like the festive period, but we’d rather fill our East London home with body warming mixed drinks and seasonal ales instead of eccentric lights and tired out Christmas jingles.

There are lots of private hire options; you can book a table if you’re part of a small grouper, or alternatively the back of our East London home is very spacious and ideal for larger groups to take advantage of by booking a private area to enjoy one or more of our seasonal beverages.

Our local hero fine ales are sourced from nearby London breweries and will be a hand picked selection of our favourite craft beers seasonally available.

Our ‘Hot Punch’, includes our alcoholic ginger beer that is produced through ‘Umbrella Brewing’ as well as Bán Poitín and all the other necessities for a fine winter punch!

Hot Punch Recipe:

Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer (5% abv), Sacred spiced Vermouth, Cinnamon, Lemon juice, honey water, Bán Poitín, drops Motzart chocolate bitters

Hot Punch is available from 4th November and priced at £4 a cup.

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