Heaven Hill | Irish Whiskey in London

Whiskey Wednesday - April - Heaven Hill Distillery

You probably already know or have been to all the cocktail bars in Shoreditch for a mid week tipple…

This month you should definitely head over to our cocktail bar, The Sun Tavern right by Bethnal Green tube.

As we mentioned on our previous News post about Whiskey Wednesday’s, our cocktail bar has seen the likes of a few different bespoke cocktail menu’s floating around.

We our trying to explore more avenues of whiskey being used as a base in cocktails, Irish Whiskey in particular. These cocktail menus are in collaboration with different whiskey distilleries every month to bring you great Whiskey based cocktails every Wednesday as well as our recently updated house cocktail menu.

This month it’s with the Heaven Hill Distillery and the cocktails are as follows…



Rittenhouse Straight Rye 100, Campari, Marmalade, Lemon sherbet and Club soda

thesuntavern-Whiskey-Wednesday-irish-whiskey-in-london-Heaven Hill-Breakfast In Kentucky-cocktailbar-bathnalgreen-edit-crop-02



Evan Williams Black Label, Cherry Hearing, Peychauds bitters, Sugar Cube and Sparkling wine

thesuntavern-Whiskey-Wednesday-irish-whiskey-in-london-Heaven Hill-The Derby Fix-cocktailbar-bathnalgreen-edit-crop-03



Chinese 5 spice infused Rittenhouse Straight Rye, Plum shiso, Sacred spice vermouth

thesuntavern-Whiskey-Wednesday-irish-whiskey-in-london-Heaven Hill-Route Throguh the Orient-cocktailbar-bathnalgreen-edit-crop-07



A shot of Rittenhouse Straight Rye 100 and a shot of homemade pickle brine

thesuntavern-Whiskey-Wednesday-irish-whiskey-in-london-Heaven Hill-Pickleback-cocktailbar-bathnalgreen-edit-crop-07


Ask at the bar for more information about up and coming Whiskey Wednesdays here at our cocktail bar in Bethnal Green, the best place for Irish whiskey in London.