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Whiskey Wednesday - July - Jameson Irish Whiskey

Even if the weather hasn’t been that great this summer, the Whiskey Wednesday cocktails certainly have!


For the month of July, The Sun Tavern’s bespoke Whiskey Wednesday cocktail offering was in ties with Jameson Irish Whiskey. Murphy did a great job orchestrating the drinks, which definitely received a noticeable amount of interest.

Jameson wanted to use their new additions, Jameson Caskmates and Crested. The Caskmates offers a nose of slight pot still spices with apple and pear scents and featured in the Bow Street Runners. Crested brings a different take on Irish whiskey to the bar with a sherry like, fruity and chocolaty taste and was the base of the Róisín Buí and the Hell’s Ditch.

This is what it looks like on a Wednesday…



Bow Street Runners
Jameson Caskmates, Angostura Amaro, Banana Liqueur, Lime, Absinthe & Thyme.

thesuntavern-whiskey-wednesday-irish-whiskey-in-london-Jameson-Bow Street Runners-cocktail-bar-bethnal green-edit-crop-12



Róisín Buí

Jameson Crested, Lillet blanc, Orange bitters & Kümmel.

thesuntavern-whiskey-wednesday-irish-whiskey-in-london-Jameson-Roisin Bui-cocktail-bethnal green-edit-crop-06



Hell’s Ditch
Jameson Crested, Limoncello, Gentian, Green tea & Egg white.

thesuntavern-whiskey-wednesday-irish-whiskey-in-london-Jameson-Hells Ditch-cocktail-bethnal green-edit-crop-14


*For more info, ask at the bar*

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