paddy’s day 2017

paddy's day 2017

St. Patrick’s Day on a Friday?

Bound to be boisterous!

The afternoon saw the calm before the storm. The Ceilidh band set the perfect backdrop for folks popping in to pay their respects to the good Saint himself.

The bar began to busy as ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ floated through the air. It must have whispered to the crowd, as the Whiskey began to flow.

Soon after, it was Oyster Boy’s turn to lead the party. Shucking his oysters fresh from Chelmsford to give the masses some sustenance. Swallow or chew, vinaigrette or Tabasco? A couple of questions that flew around, and were quickly answered as minds turned back to Camden Ink.

Umbrella Radio DJ’s warmed up the decks with some Irish classics from Thin Lizzy & Van Morrison next to firm favourites from The Clash & The Smiths et al. Father Ted was also lurking on the blinds…

The Bán Poitìn cocktails were hitting the spot, with the Irish Coffee #2 keeping people pepped for the night ahead….not to mention the Poitìn shots, here, there, and everywhere.

Enter stage left, Dublin’s legendary DJ, Arveene, a giant in name and stature. He stepped to the decks with an eclectic mix of party bangers, Irish or otherwise, turning the whole place into a dancefloor, even though it was standing room only!

Never a dull moment….here’s to The Saint!