The Sun Tavern X The Dead Rabbit NYC

REVIEW: The Sun Tavern X The Dead Rabbit 2017

We’re proud to have developed a close relationship with our friends and fellow Irish whiskey aficionados at The Dead Rabbit NYC, having worked closely with the revered bar across the pond on a number of occasions over the past few years.

Things kicked off in royally riotous fashion way back during London Cocktail Week 2017, when we welcomed the serial ‘World’s Best Bar’ winners’ renowned Beverage Director, Jillian Vose, behind the stick for one night only on October 4th.

We had a bespoke cocktail list made up of three of Jillian’s concoctions, and three of our own for good measure, all built around Slane Irish Whiskey.

They went down a treat, with the bar packed with people keen to taste a little Dead Rabbit in east London, and the festivities culminated in our very own Umbrella DJs jumping on the decks to play a set heavy with classics from Slane Castle Gigs of yesteryear. Plenty of Queen, Niel Young, Bowie and The Boss got the place shaking as expected.

For a school night it felt more like a weekend and there were some very foggy heads come Thursday morning if memory serves right.

Hot on the heels of all that, our partnership took on a whole new dimension to kick off 2018’s rendition of London Cocktail Week, with the whole Dead Rabbit crew this time crossing the pond to take over our taproom for one night only.

As soon as The Dead Rabbit sawdust went down at 6pm, the doors were swung open and the crowds started streaming in.

Cocktails were slung out by the dozen in trademark fashion all night long, and so too was the Dead Rabbit’s ubiquitous Guinness pints, which found itself onto our taps just for the occasion.

As the night and the crowd warmed up a little, bartending royalty in the form of Genesis, Jessica & Anna got behind the stick to show us how it’s done in the Big Apple, serving out a three-serve-strong cocktail list curated once more by their fantastic beverage director Jillian Vose – all showcasing their brand new Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey.

It was also a special evening for the Umbrella Brewing boys, as their latest label art collaboration with the famous bar was also unveiled on the night. The new-look bottles drew their inspiration from the iconic comic-book style of The Dead Rabbit’s famous menus, and the exploits of the eponymous Dead Rabbit protagonist within.

The Musical soundtrack, meanwhile, was provided by Dublin’s finest – Arveene – who took to the decks with a NY-heavy DJ set. Plenty of Ramones, LCD Soundsystem, Beastie Boys, and other crowd favourites graced our airwaves during the course of his turntables stint and kept the place jumping ’til the wee hours.

All in all, two riotous, rip-roaring years to (partially) remember. It’s always an absolute pleasure to work with the good people at The Dead Rabbit NYC. Here’s us raising a glass of the pure drop to them, and to many more collaborations to come. Sláinte!